Who Made It First?

The first exit point of pans ice cream machines was Thailand and South East Asia. Street food vendors found their way to offer unlimited tastes with funny shows, accompanied by spatulas, on a cold counter that can reach up to -30 degrees. In a short period of time, pictures and videos have spread across the social media and it become trend all over the world.

How It Is Made?

Above the ceiling which has a cooling system designed with sensitive measurements, specially prepared milk and blended raw material is poured.Desired fresh fruits,cakes, chocolate etc. unlimited amount of materials are added and hand-made fresh ice cream is prepared instantly. Choose what is good for you and watch your roll ice cream preparation with an unforgettable show in front of your eyes.

Why Roll Ice Cream?

Now it is possible to see pans freezing machines in cafes and restaurants in the busiest places of the major cities and touristic regions. Roll ice cream machines are an opportunity for new entrepreneurs and existing food operators to earn additional income. In addition to that, using your creativity, you can prepare unique tastes and create a brand that will be mentioned in your name all over the country or even all over the world.

Why Rol Ice Cream?

When a mechanical device is purchased,the essential thing for businesses is to work with a reliable and professional team. Technical hardware failures in devices imported from China and the customer's inability to find a deal with the products has caused many users to be victimized.

For this reason, our expert staff aims to provide the best service to our users through our Product Guarantee and service support, as well as our training support related to the use of roll ice cream machines and the making of ice cream.



Specially prepared raw materials and fruits placed on top of a -30 degree ceiling.


The mixture is prepared on the ceiling with spatulas until a certain consistency is achieved.


The consistent mixture is spread over the pan and again becomes an exquisite roll with spatulas.


The rolls are placed in containers and are ready for service.